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warm smiles

Nepal, a landlocked country between India and China is dignified by a magnificent range
of mountains overlooking deep valleys, alpine pastures, temperate forests, and bustling
villages. The inner Himalayan valley (above 3,500 m) such as Mustang and Dolpa
highlights the cold, frosty deserts sharing topographical characteristics with the Tibetan
plateau. Located in the northwestern part of Nepal, Dolpa stands as a natural boundary
between Nepal and Tibet. By virtue of its location and stupendous height, Dolpa is
prominent for highest settlements on earth with almost 90% of the region lying above
3500 m. During winter, a low-pressure weather system descends the temperature of
Dolpa to -10 degree Celsius causing heavy snowfall.


The freezing winter in combination with socio-economic challenges during COVID-19
has a severe impact on people living in remote mountain areas of Nepal. The change in
the season especially affects the quality of lives, livelihoods, and resources of diverse
groups of people in this region.


Considering the experiences and vulnerabilities of those people this winter, Metal for
Nepal has initiated ‘WARM SMILES’ which efforts to distribute warm clothes for children
in remote Nepal. As part of our first project, we are going to distribute jackets at Dho
Tarap and Tinje valley in the Dolpa region. With the warm jackets, we hope to spread
warm smiles across the children of Dolpa.


Please support us by purchasing artworks, paintings, and merchandise from our
webstore at
Purchasing a £60 hoodie can help five children in Nepal stay warm in winter.

All proceeds from the sales contribute to the cause.

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