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Manang Vaccination

On 24 July 2021, 1600 doses of Johnson & Johnson were delivered in collaboration with Hami Nepal, a Nepal registered non-profit organization.

The 7 different villages in Manang district where the vaccines were distributed are as per the



This project aided in the prevention of COVID-19 in Manang district. However, we feel that this initiative was able to aid those with underlying conditions and/or those aged 50-60 in lowering their risk of becoming infected by the COVID-19 virus.

On August 4 2021, the government web-portal Online Khabar published Manang to be the first district in Nepal to be fully vaccinated.  Our organization helped the authorities in Manang with logistics and transportation for the delivery of anti-COVID vaccination doses. The team collaborated with MOHP of Gandaki Province, Barbara Foundation, and Hami Nepal to declare Manang as the first district in Nepal to be fully vaccinated.

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