the team

guido wyss

From Villars-le-Grand in Switzerland, 40 years old, married to Anik Etter and father of a little Syan.  A professional musician, and an active drummer in several bands, he has led his own music school since 1999. Guido is also a tattoo artist at Steel-Workshop in Murten and a painter.


He has collaborated with people in Nepal since 2010 for concerts, festivals, and tattoo conventions. He also helps SAATH -  an association that provides assistance to street children.


Bikrant Shrestha is the guitarist of Underside and also the founding figure of Silence Festival in Nepal.

Bikrant has been heavily involved in promoting local scene by bridging the gap between local and international bands.

He was the Vice president of non profit NO SILENCE FOR NEPAL Association which worked extensively in rebuilding projects during 2015 Nepal, Earthquake.

flower kc

Originally from Kathmandu, presently based in London, UK, Flower has worked with various national and international charities in the UK. 

He is currently working in social services to safeguard the rights and liberty of individuals.

In addition, Flower manages the Nepali metal band, Underside. He is also the director of Silence Festival, an internationally acclaimed music festival in Kathmandu.


Flower also co-founded an initiative called t'pree. They produce plates made from leaves as an alternative to single use paper and plastic.


Randy is the frontman for the band Voice of Ruin. He initiated the “Metal for Nepal” Campaign during the 2015 Nepal Earthquake to provide humanitarian support. The campaign hosted various shows across the world to raise funds to support funding several projects in Nepal during that time.


Avishek KC, Based in Kathmandu, Nepal is the frontman for the band Underside and is involved in Silence Festival for the past decade. He has been very vocal about the injustice and prejudices of Nepalese society through his lyrics and encouraging youth to participate and engage within the community.


Avishek was on the front line supporting the relief team during the 2015 Earthquake.


John is a tattoo artist from Nepal and he has been tattooing for 18 years. He is the organizer of the Nepalinked Tattoo and Lifestyle Festival since 2013. He also introduced the first tattoo magazine in Nepal (Nepal Inked Magazine)

John has organized several painting exhibitions around the world and judged national and international tattoo conventions and contests. He also actively participates in community-based activities and is a part of various social organizations and foundations.


Benjamin is from Murten in Switzerland, 42 years old, father of two children, Ella & Josh. Executive Assistant at PerspectivePlus, a professional reintegration company for young people. 


Seasoned musician, he participates since 2011 in numerous artistic & cultural projects, in Nepal, and in Switzerland, with Nepali musicians. 

Since 2012, he is also helping SAATH, an association for street children in Kathmandu. 


Dipit Raz is a photographer based in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is renowned for his work with Underside. Dipit also works as an official photographer for Silence Festival, Nepal.


He has been part of metal for Nepal campaign since 2015 and his work has been featured in various national and international platforms like Metal Hammer and Kerrang! to name a few.