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Ration Distribution to Blick Klinn
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The outskirts of Kathmandu is found to have quite a number of Brick Klinns and the workers there work on a daily wage basis. They do not have secure earnings and with the pandemic and continued lockdown, the klinns had to close, forcing them out of jobs, earnings and food to eat. With no stimulus plans from the government and concerned authorities, they had been on the brim of the pandemic crisis. Our help included a care package that consisted of:

  • Rice

  • lentils

  • Sugar

  • Tea leaves

  • Oil

  • Soybean chunks

  • Beans


Their identification gave us the opportunity to help 50 families with ration supplies. Over 250 people were supported from the campaign, providing them with a month's ration supply. We are highly indebted to all our supporters from all over the world for helping make our efforts into actions.

-Mukesh Kunwar for Metal for Nepal, 10/15/2020

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