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and computer for all

We’re committed to bringing children in Nepal closer to their dreams, and we need your help.

For millions of people around the world, access to the Internet is a distant dream—but for those who live in Nepal, it’s an even more distant reality. With only 26.62% literacy rate in the Himalayas, quality education and access to computer education is a distant dream.

At Metal For Nepal, we are committed to bring our children closer to their dream. Join “And Computer For All” campaign to make children in Nepal become computer literate. At Phase 1, 100 computers, 10 computers each for 10 schools are needed.

Let's do this together!


Every $100 we receive will secure one computer for our project at Metal For Nepal.


In 2020, UNICEF reported concerns around teachers' digital literacy to facilitate learners' learning. It was reported that teachers' effectiveness to support student learning outcomes as outlined in the national curriculum has been low, and the pandemic exacerbated and revealed the gaps that teachers had in reaching their students. To tackle this, we are partnering with London based non profit organization MER-IT who will provide us with computers and training for the teachers so they can support children in learning. The last thing we want is for our devices to turn into e-junk in the Himalayas of Nepal.


We do not have all the solutions, but we can definitely bring one step closer to bridging the digital divide. We are helping children in Nepal get access to technology that they would not otherwise afford so their dreams become reality.

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